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Picking The Right Stock

Selecting the correct stock for your rifle can often be a challenge, and nothing's quite as frustrating as ordering a stock only to find out you needed a different model. Here’s a list of steps that can help you find the perfect stock. 


Step 1: Verify the Exact Make and Model of Your Rifle

  • First verify the manufacture of your particular rifle: weather its a Savage, Ruger, Howa, etc.; this can usually be found on the receiver or on the side of the barrel. 

  • Next verify the exact model (if you have a Savage rifle is it an Axis, a 110, a B-mag…) If you can’t identify the exact model, contacting the rifle manufacture will be the easiest way to find it out.


Step 2: Compare the Stock Dimensions to the Dimensions of Your Rifle

  • The first dimension you will want to check is the center to center distance of the action screws. This dimension must be exact in order for a stock to fit your rifle. Stocks are often split into long action or short action, and checking the action screw distance is the best way to determine compatibility.

  • The second dimension you will want to check is the barrel channel dimension. The barrel channel dimensions are listed as: Point A= x” and Point B= y” (Point A is the barrel channel width 0” from the receiver, and Point B is the width 9” from the receiver). Your barrel width should measure slightly smaller than the barrel channel dimension.


Step 3: Check for Other Important Features

  • There are many other features that can determine whether or not a particular stock will fit your rifle such as:

    • Position of bolt release

    • Detachable Magazine or Blind Magazine

    • Safety position

    • Rifle Caliber

    • Additional parts needed

Reading the product description completely is often the best way to find out if there are any other fitment requirements that you need to know.


All Boyds stocks may require fitting, and it is recommended that the stocks are pillar bedded..


These steps should help you determine what stock will work for your rifle, and all that’s left is to choose the style and color you want! If you are unsure in any way about the stock you need, or don't see the necessary specs in the product description, please contact us and we will do our best to help you find the perfect stock.